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5. Conclusion. The mountain has fire. At a later date the Mimamsakas, probably under the influence of the Buddhist critique, made the concession that either the first three members or the last three were sufficient to establish the conclusion. In the last three, if we drop the example, we will have a strictly Aristotelian syllogism, its first figure. Beside a theory of sense-perception and a theory of the syllogism with its corollary, a theory of logical fallacies, the text books of early Nyaya contain a detailed code of rules for carrying on disputations, i.

D i g n a g a was born in the neighbourhood of K a n e I. He was at an early age converted to Buddhism by a teacher of the Vatslputnya sect and took the vows from him. This sect admitted the existence of a real personality as something different from the elements of which it is composed. 2 He then travelled to the north in order to continue his studies in Magadha under Vasubandhu whose fame at that time must have been very great. Among the great names of later Buddhism the name of Vasubaudhu occupies an exceptional position, he is the greatest among the great.

This stanza contains a salutation to Buddha, who along with the usual titles is here given the title of "Embodied Logic» (pramana-bhuta)? The whole of Mahayanistic Buddhology, all the proofs of the existence of an absolute, Omniscient Being are discussed under that head. We would naturally expect the work to begin with this chapter upon the validity of knowledge and the existence of an Omniscient Being, and then to turn to a discussion of perception, inference and syllogism, because this order is required by the subject-matter itself, and is observed in all other logical treatises throughout the whole of Buddhist and brahmanical logic.

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