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By Michael Zimmermann

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This quantity reviews the facts that, at specific moments of their historical past and in yes elements in their doctrines, the traditions of Buddhism, like different non secular traditions, have actively or passively promoted - and will proceed to advertise - violent modes of habit or structural violence. The articles during this quantity disguise a huge spectrum of the Buddhist international in time period of areas and classes. They care for elements of violence beginning in India ahead of the typical period and varying to the aid of jap militarism by way of Buddhist leaders a ways into the 20 th century.

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A passage contained in the Dfghanikiiya is especially interesting in this regard. 2o Here the question is posed why ascetics that lead a moral life do not simply kill themselves if there really is a yonder world and a reward for good deeds, as the Buddhists and followers of many other religious currents believe. For, thanks to the merit acquired by virtuous behavior, they would be guaranteed the transition to a better existence. The answer is that virtuous ascetics regard their life as meaningful.

58 Thus ultimately even Harivarman's position amounts to saying that Godhika committed suicide for the sake of salvation. *Tattvasiddhi Narrative literature The fact that the edifying narrative literature of Buddhism was popular in the Sravakayana as well as in the Mahayana gives us the opportunity to discuss some of these sources here before turning to an examination of Mahayana texts proper. cf. Jean Filliozat, "The Giving Up of Life by the Sage: The Suicides of the Criminal and the Hero in Indian Tradition," in Religion, Philosophy, Yoga: A Selection of Articles by Jean Filliozat (Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass, 1991), 154-5.

Becker, Breaking the Circle: Death and the Afterlife in Buddhism, (Carbondale and Edwardsville: Southern Illinois University Press, 1993), 138-9. , 139--40). , 139. Earlier, but nearly identical versions of the passages cited from Becker's book can be found in Carl B. Becker, "Buddhist Ethics for the New Century: 50 Views on Suicide in Buddhism: Some Remarks the fact that many more cases of mass suicides from Japanese history are reported, it is obvious that even in the doctrine of Pure Land Buddhism suicide was not necessarily regarded as a fast and safe way to paradise.

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