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The heritage, improvement, and present-day instructing of a few of the colleges of Buddhism, the religion-philosophy which has moulded the lifetime of a lot of the jap world.
Preface 9
Introduction 11
1. The lifetime of the Buddha 25
2. The Ministry 34
3. the increase of the 2 faculties 45
4. The unfold of Buddhism 60
5. Theravada Buddhism I: the 3 symptoms of Being 78
6. Theravada Buddhism II: The 4 Noble Truths 90
7. Theravada Buddhism ailing: Karma and Rebirth 97
8. Theravada Buddhism IV: The Noble Eightfold
Path 108
9. Theravada Buddhism V: The 4 Paths and the
Goal 119
10. The Sangha 132
11. a few Mahayana ideas 143
12. The Bodhisattva excellent and the natural Land faculties 158
13. colleges of the Mahayana 167
14. Zen Buddhism 179
15. Tibetan Buddhism
16. The end result of Buddhism
17. Buddhism To-day
Appendix I. The Buddhist Scriptures
Appendix II. Pansil
General Bibliography

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Ily he bound in one the Self which still is human, and the S E L F of pure Enlightenment. THE LIFE OF THE BUDDHA 33 The journey was over, and a new Buddha, the fourth of his line, was born. He broke into the famous Song of Victory : Many a house of life Hath held me - seeking ever him who wrought These prisons of the senses, sorrow-fraught; Sore was my ceaseless strife! But now, Thou builder of this Tabernacle - Thou! I know Theel Never-shalt thou build again These walls of pain, Nor raise the roof-tree of deceits, nor lay Fresh rafters on the clay; Broken Thy house is, and the ridge-pole split!

In the same way man's approach to the central truth has three lakshana, or stages. First is the ordinary naive realism. Later, we realize that things are not what they seem. We begin to understand the relativity of all things. From this in turn we pass to the final and perfect knowledge in which we know, beyond all doubting, that the world in which we live is only the appearance of the Essence of Pure Mind. In time this School adopted much of the esoteric use of Mantras (the magical use of sound) and Mudras (the magical use of gesture).

The Third Council It is said that under his auspices a third Council was held at his capital, Pataliputra, under the chairmanship of Tissa, son of Moggali. Its purpose was partly to suppress a number of heresies whose exponents, probably Brahman pretenders, were causing dissensions in the Order by their loose teaching and even looser lives, and partly once more to revise and confirm the Canon. Whether such a Council was held under the patronage of Asoka, or, as some suggest, in his grand­ father's reign, is uncertain.

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