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Because the line rises to the right, it illustrates a positive correlation. These data tell us that people who had higher stress levels were more likely to come down with colds. But does this relationship mean that high stress causes increased cold susceptibility? To conclude that stress causes illness, we need the same assurances that are given by a controlled experiment. In other words, we must assume that the 50 45 People with higher stress levels were more likely to become infected with the cold virus.

Get more rest. Exercise vigorously every day. Put that hat on when you go outside! You are left with an overwhelming list of options, often contradictory and some Compare and contrast the terms scientific hypothesis and scientific theory. counter to common sense. If you keep up LO3 Distinguish between inductive over-the-counter cold treatment is effective, and deductive reasoning. while a local TV news story details the risks LO4 Explain why the truth of a of using this remedy and highlights its ineffective- hypothesis cannot be proven conclusively via deductive reasoning.

6 CHAPTER 1 Can Science Cure the Common Cold? there have been no carefully designed experiments that show that H. pylori removal fails to cure most ulcers. The third reason that the relationship between H. pylori and ulcers is considered fact is that it conforms to a well-accepted scientific principle, namely, the germ theory of disease. A scientific theory is an explanation for a set of related observations that is based on well-supported hypotheses from several different, independent lines of research.

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