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The eccentric Bankei has lengthy been an underground hero on this planet of Zen. At a time while Zen used to be turning into overly formalized in Japan, he under pressure its relevance to lifestyle, insisting at the value of naturalness and spontaneity.

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In the eyes of a non-Sanskrit knowing reader, are they not sometimes more misleading than helpful? The concept of cit/caitanya/sarhvit is a classic example. "56 His conclusion, after going through arguments of the philosophical implications of "consciousness," " Bewusstsein," in Western philosophy, leads to the suggestion to leave such terms untranslated. But this does not solve the question of cormnunicability after all, the reader has the right to connect to the meaning without every time looking at the Glossary.

Were also Maharashtrians. 94 In a Paippalada Atharvavedic ritual manual, mostly concerned with magic, one section is dedicated to Muktimahamantra and parajapavidhi, the rule for reciting the mantra of Para which has the sole purpose of leading to liberation. 95 I refer to A. 96 My purpose in this introduction is not to enter into a historical discussion on the relation between the Parakrama of the Partltrfsika and the Srlvidya tradition. What we have to note here is the fact that the Anuttara Trika or Parakrama has not remained limited to Kashmir, but has pervaded the subcontinent, from west to east and mainly to the south, where the Srlvidya tradition has taken over the worship and meditation of Para.

46. The Saiva Exegesis of Kashmir, p. 376. 48 Hence the interpretation is based on such philosophical foundations as the non-dualism of Consciousness (sarhvidadvayavada), and of the doctrine of Recogniti,on (pratyabhijiia). agupta, was the direct teacher of Abhinavagupta, but he left no work. 50 This line of the tradition without has been continued by Abhinavagupta's pupil mentioning the other schools K�emaraja, a prolific commentator on the Tantras and also an original author (especially of the Pratyabhijiiahrdaya, "The Heart of Recognition") Although he has not cOIlunented on the Partltrfsika or Vivaratla, he has composed a brief text sUIIunarising it : the Parapravesika.

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