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By William Hertling

ISBN-10: 0984755705

ISBN-13: 9780984755707

David Ryan is the fashion designer of ELOPe, an e-mail language optimization application, that if winning, will make his profession. but if the venture is all of sudden at risk of being canceled, David embeds a hidden directive within the software program by chance making a runaway man made intelligence.

David and his crew are at first overjoyed whilst the venture is allotted additional servers and programmers. yet pleasure turns to worry because the group realizes that they're being manipulated by way of an A.I. who's redirecting company money, reassigning team of workers and arming itself in pursuit of its personal agenda.

"A fictional global the place Portland is the hub for the main intriguing developments in technology... Jam jam-packed with nice references to deep Portland culture...and Portlandia-type references"

"Hertling builds an image of the way an AI may well emerge, piece through piece, from know-how to be had at the present time. a desirable, logical, and completely plausible state of affairs - I simply desire not anyone attempts this at home."
--Nathaniel Rutman, Senior structures Architect

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