Autonomic neuroimmunology by John Bienenstock, M. Blennerhassett, E. Goetzl PDF

By John Bienenstock, M. Blennerhassett, E. Goetzl

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McMaster Univ., Hamilton, Canada. textual content describes intimately the connections among components of the apprehensive procedure and cells of adaptive immunity. Emphasizes the knowledge of important neuroimmunological interactions and their implications for regular body structure and illness states. DNLM: Autonomic anxious System--immunology.

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LPS to activate the PVN (Jackson, 1999; Nance and MacNeil, 2001). Finally, this ascending catecholamine pathway was shown further to be specific to immune-related signals and not the result of some generalized response to stress. The effects of footshock on the induction c-fos protein in the PVN was unaltered by the brain stem knife cuts, whereas posterolateral deafferentation of the PVN only produced a partial reduction in the number of c-fos positive neurons in the PVN following footshock. Together, these results illustrate that while the immune system and psychological stress may activate a common neuroimmunoregulatory network, they access these hypothalamic regulatory nuclei via separate neuroanatomical pathways.

J. Cancer, 80, 880–888. Ben-Eliyahu, S. and Shakhar, G. (2001) The impact of stress, catecholamines, and the menstrual cycle on NK activity and tumour development: from in vitro studies to biological significance. In Psychoneuroimmunology, 3rd edn, vol. Felten, and N. Cohen, pp. 545–563. San Diego, CA: Academic Press. , and Westengard, J. (2001a) Modulation of neuroimmune parameters during the eustress of humor-associated mirthful laughter. Altern. Ther. , 7, 62–76. , and Westengard, J. (2001b) The anticipation of a humor eustress event modulates mood states prior to the actual experience.

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