Atlas of the Ultrastructure of Diseased Human Muscle - download pdf or read online

By W G P Mair and F M S Tomé (Auth.)

ISBN-10: 0443008310

ISBN-13: 9780443008313

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The parent muscle fibre sometimes presents evidence of degenerative changes while the satellite cell is evolving into a mature muscle fibre. The ultrastructure of regeneration of human muscle has been studied by various authors including Shafiq, Gorycki and Milhorat (1967) and Mastaglia, Papadimitriou and Kakulas (1969a and 1970). In experimental animals the regeneration of skeletal muscle has been widely investigated by a large number of authors. These include Allbrook (1962), Price, Howes and Blumberg (1964b), Shafiq and Gorycki (1965), Church, Noronha and Allbrook (1966), Larson, Hudgson and Walton (1969), Reznik and W.

Engel and Macdonald, 1970 and A. G. Engel, 1970 a and b). The autophagic vacuoles are extruded from the muscle fibre and their content may then accumulate in the basement membrane (Plates 39 and 40). In this location they were described in acid maltase deficiency (A. G. Engel and Dale, 1968 and A. G. Engel and Macdonald, 1970) and in polymyositis (A. G. Engel and Macdonald, 1970). They occur also in the phagocytes in diseased muscle and have been illustrated in the endothelial cells and pericytes of blood capillaries in human chloroquine myopathy by Garcin, Rondot and Fardeau (1964) and by Rewcastle CHANGES IN MUSCLE FIBRES 53 and Humphrey (1965).

Random sections of muscle fibres may not pass through the nucleus of the satellite cell, so that only the cytoplasm may be apparent, which contains rough endoplasmic reticulum, prominent ribosomes and some mitochondria (Plates 53 lower part and 55). Centrioles have not been described in human muscle satellite cells, but have been reported by Muir, Kanjiand Allbrook (1965) in the satellite cells of the muscle of the fruit-bat and in the guinea pig by Hess and Rosner (1970). Lipid material may also occur in some satellite cells but its significance is not understood.

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