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Because the so much populous province in Canada, Ontario is a microcosm of the animal welfare concerns which beset Western civilization. The authors of this publication, chairman and vice-chairman, respectively, of the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, locate themselves always being made conscious of the atrocities dedicated within the Society’s jurisdiction. they've been, in flip, wondered, exasperated and horrified at humanity’s cruelty to our fellow sentient beings. the problems mentioned during this ebook are the main contentious in animal welfare disputes — animal experimentation, fur-farming and trapping, using animals for human leisure and the stipulations less than which animals are raised for human intake. they're complicated matters and may be considered quite and heavily. The authors, status squarely at the part of the animals, recommend “community” and “belonging” as recommendations by which to appreciate our relations to different species. They floor their principles in Wordsworth’s “primal sympathy” and Jung’s “unconscious identification” with the animal realm. The philosophy constructed during this booklet embraces good judgment and compromise because the top-rated paths to the objective of animal welfare. It calls for appreciate and attention for different species whereas acknowledging our fundamental tasks to our fellow people.

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The stage was set for a much more optimistic, benevolent and compassionate view of human nature. Unfortunately, that compassion did not proceed beyond the relationship of human to human. Following Aristotle, Aquinas recognized that animals experience pain, but the only possible reason humans might have for kindness to animals is because it might promote the taking of pity on fellow humans. " What a pity St. Thomas never met St. Francis! If our passions might move us in some direction toward consideration for the interests of animals, according to Aquinas, our higher faculty, reason, requires us to resist the temptation: It matters not how man behaves to animals, because God has subjected all things to man's power and it is in this sense that the Apostle [St.

Elephants, hippopotamuses, rhinoceroses, crocodiles, chamois and giraffes were all butchered, along with the more customary lions, tigers, bears, bulls, leopards and deerjust for the fun of it! And if we find this heart-rendingly sickening we must perforce remember that for the vast hordes of Romans eager to be spectators at such events the killing was culturally acceptable. It was merely a display of the warriors' skills and couragetheir dominance over nature. When Augustus claimed, in the document attached to his will, that he had exhibited 8,000 gladiators and 3,510 wild beasts in the circus he was boasting, not confessing.

Jesus himself sent the 2,000 Gadarene swine, filled with the spirit of devils, hurtling into the sea to their destruction (Mark 5, 13). Now while we should be mindful of the willful and unnecessary destruction of innocent animal life, we should also recognize that pigs were themselves considered unclean and thus deemed one of the lower forms of animal life. The destruction of swine should not necessarily be regarded as carte blanche permission to give no consideration to the ethical treatment of animals at all.

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