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In addition to their role in regeneration, growth cones play a role in the development of the nervous system allowing neuronal processes to reach their appropriate targets. 25 mm/day. 5 mm, the axonal sprouts from the proximal side eventually link up with the distal stump. As noted earlier, the endoneurial tubes and basement membranes of the distal segment collapse and fold but maintain their continuity. 5 mm/day. A general rule for growth of peripheral nerves in humans is one inch per month. After transection of the median nerve in the axilla, nine months may be required before motor function returns in the muscles innervated by that nerve and 15 months before sensory function returns in the hand.

All this developmental activity reflects early brain specialization. In the nine months before birth and continuing to the time that the adult brain develops, the forebrain grows at a faster rate than the remaining nervous system. 2. Five Subdivisions of the Brain Appear In the fifth week of development, there is continued proliferation and enlargement of cells particularly in the rostral two-thirds of the neural tube. Three main divisions of the brain (Fig. 4E), evident in the neural folds during the third week of development9, are transformed into five subdivisions of the brain (Fig.

If one kind of sensory fiber (one that carries painful impulses) enters the endoneurial tube of 15 another kind of sensory fiber (one that carries tactile impulses), then abnormal sensations called paresthesias (numbness, tingling, or prickling) may appear in the absence of specific stimulation. After a regenerated process crosses the transection site and enters the appropriate endoneurial tube, regeneration is still incomplete. The new process must be of normal diameter and length, remyelination must occur, and the original site of termination be identified with eventual re-establishment of appropriate connections.

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