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By Stephen Batchelor

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On my own with Others is a uniquely modern advisor to figuring out the undying message of Buddhism, and particularly its relevance in real human kinfolk. It was once encouraged through Shantideva’s consultant to the Bodhisattava’s lifestyle, the oral directions of residing Buddhist masters, Martin Heidegger’s vintage Being and Time, and the writings of the Christian theologians Paul Tillich and John MacQuarrie.

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In contrast with the actual conversation, Heidegger now has the ‘Japanese’ make this reference. The theme of East-West dialogue is likewise ‘dialogized’ and positioned skilfully in the text, as is illustrated by the following detailed example that is revelatory for our investigation. Inquirer. —I: That is what I mean (8/94). It is easy to see that the ‘Conversation’ can be read in large part as a monologue. Count Kuki plays a disproportionately major role in Heidegger’s text unlike in the actual conversation, at least according to Tezuka’s report.

62 In the following passages Heidegger puts ‘presencing’ [Anwesen] in place of ‘Being’ [Sein] and ‘unconcealedness’ [Unverborgenheit] in place of ‘Nothing’ [Nichts] (and vice versa), thereby elucidating the new ‘sense’ of the old ‘housing’: The enigma is…‘Being’. For that reason ‘Being’ remains simply the provisional word. Let us see to it that our thinking does not simply follow it blindly. ’, in BW 110/Wm 17). See also IM 85/64. 64 Nothing belongs…as absence [ab-wesend] to presencing [Being] (QB 87/Wm 241).

36). g In both these cases Heidegger’s answer (congruent with the connections articulated above) runs parallel to what he says about Nothing (or emptiness: see next section),88 as in the lecture on the thing: ‘The thingness [Dingheit] [of the thing] must be something unconditioned [Unbedingtes]’ (WT? 9/7). 3 above. It will thus have become equally clear where Heidegger has sought and found the starting-point for his new beginning. 2 It is possible to show the influence of East Asian ways of thinking in another, similar context: namely, in the lecture The Thing’ from 1950.

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