A Textbook of Regional Anatomy by J. Joseph MD, DSc, FRCOG (auth.) PDF

By J. Joseph MD, DSc, FRCOG (auth.)

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The anterior branch supplies the skin near the midline. In this way the skin of the whole trunk receives a sensory nerve supply because the lower intercostal and subcostal nerves pass into the abdominal wall. Cutaneous nerves contain, in addition to sensory fibres from the skin, postganglionic sympathetic fibres which supply the blood vessels, sweat glands and smooth muscle in the skin. Clinically, a knowledge of the segmental innervation of the skin enables one to determine the level of an injury to the spinal cord.

The glandular tissue and fat are embedded in a connective tissue framework. Distinct septa of fibrous tissue pass through the gland from the fascia over the pectoralis major to the overlying skin and the nipple. These are called the suspensory ligaments (of Cooper; Sir A. Cooper, 1768- 1841 , British surgeon). If infiltrated by cancer cells these ligaments become contracted and cause pitting and retraction of the skin and nipple. The Blood Supply and Lymphatic Drainage of the Breast. The breast receives its arterial blood supply from the thoracic branches of the axillary artery on the lateral side and the mammary branches of the internal thoracic (mammary) artery on the medial side.

23), the sixth or seventh intercostal space posteriorly is used, but entering a lower space than the seventh involves the danger of perforating the diaphragm. In order to avoid the intercostal vessels and nerve the needle should be nearer the lower border of the space than the upper. If it is necessary to insert a needle into the heart the best site is the fifth left intercostal space 2 em from the edge of the sternum. 30). The Diaphragm The diaphragm is a dome-shaped musculotendinous sheet separating the thoracic from the abdominal cavity (figure 17).

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