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The publication in brief tackles the historical past of the traditional nation of Bunyoro-Kitara from which all conceptions of kingship in Uganda originated. The booklet has been written in the course of the time in which I have been the King ruling in the succession of my ancestors. Kitara used to be a nation of great dimension stretching from Tanganyika to Lake Rudolf and from Lake Naivasha to the Ituri woodland within the Congo. via negative and unjustifiable conditions the state used to be lowered via the British to its current quantity. half used to be made into a separate country, Toro, half used to be given to the former Belgian Congo and half used to be entrusted to Buganda—hence our misplaced Counties. In spite of being small the dominion nonetheless keeps its cultural satisfaction and traditions and at the related time cherishes its unquenchable spirit of regaining its misplaced Counties.

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Isingoma Mpuga Rukidi suffered the defection of Buganda. Rebellions often occurred during wars with Buganda and may well have been instigated by the enemy. Rebellions occurred in the reigns of Olimi I, Nyabongo I and Winyi II, when Ankole, Karagwe, Rwanda and Busoga were lost. These were followed by a long period of stable rule, only interrupted by wars with Buganda and Ankole until the reign of Duhaga I when the prince in charge of Koki defied the Mukama. By this time the kingdom of Kitara was beginning to disintegrate to the benefit of Buganda.

246-249. 5 E. von Hippel, personal communication. E. von Hippel has lived in Uganda for over 25 years and knows the languages and customs of the western kingdoms. Etymologically this theory is dubious. "Fisher, op. , p. 39. 'Gorju. op. , pp. 50-57. "Ingham, K. (1957). Some Aspects of the History of Western Uganda. Uganda J. 21, 131-149. "Nyakatura. op. , pp. 28-29, 63-65. 10 Wrigley (1958). op. cit. "Lanning, E. C. (1958). Correspondence: The Identity of the Bachwezi. Uganda J. 22, 188. 12 Crazzolara (1959).

During Chwa I's reign a cattle epidemic, Kyeyo, (from okweya, to sweep; possibly rinderpest) destroyed his herds and he invaded Ankole to replenish them. He was successful and having subdued Ankole invaded Rwanda where he was killed in battle. His leaderless army sustained defeat 40 History of Bunyoro-Kitara by Mugabe Ntale Kitabanyoro, the killer of the Banyoro, on its way back through Ankole. Then followed peace during the reigns of Kyebambe I and Winyi III. The succession war after the death of Winyi III weakened Kitara but Kyebambe II re-established its hegemony.

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