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Aong the works in Longchen Rabjam's well-known assortment, The Seven Treasuries that generally known as the Chöying Dzöd matters the non secular process referred to as trekcho (cutting via solidity), which brings religious practitioners of the top acumen to freedom effortlessly.

The Chöying Dzöd contains texts: this e-book, a collection of resource verses entitled the valuable Treasury of the elemental house of Phenomena, and Longchenpa's personal statement on these verses, A Treasure Trove of Scriptural Transmission.

The unique textual content side-by-side with English translation. 141 pp.

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This booklet is a suite of ten shorts talks on Buddhism via jap Zen grasp Gudo Nishijima. within the first half, grasp Nishijima talks approximately his conception of 3 philosophies and one fact - his interpretation of Gautama Buddha's 4 Noble Truths. every one speak is by way of a full of life dialogue and questions and solutions.

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The Fifteen classes of perform, Guru-yoga, directions with out features, and Phowa Teachings by way of Jean-Luc Achard This quantity is generally in response to the French translations and abridgements which have been ready as inner most enhances to the lessons of HH Menri Trizin Rinpoche (Lungtok Tenpai Nyima) given within the united states and that have been transcribed for the Bonpo origin.

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To illustrate, a merchant is a merchant whether he sells gold or just something like it. Accordingly, over and over again Buddha exhorted people not to rely on men, but to rely on the Dharma. I make this insertion here because this point is so important. 5 1 If, as you meditate on mind training, your personality becomes rigid with pride and arrogance, Dharma has become non-Dharma, and you have probably fallen for the celestial demon. However much you meditate on mind training or Dharma, act as if you are the least servant of everyone and work to control your personality even further.

And happiness in this life, later happiness among gods or men. even the desire to achieve the transcendence of misery itself. Abandon poisoned food. Since all the virtuous activity that you do because you regard matter as real or because you cherish yourself is equivalent to poisoned 47 food, give it up. Study like an illusion. withou~ clinging, and as if everything were Don't be consistent. A consistent man of the world never forgets his own affairs no matter where he is or hew much time goes by.

Since all mind training should be done with little fanfare but great decisiveness, maintain your outward conduct in harmony with that of all your Dharma companions and 4) others while you work to mature your stream of consciousness unnoticed by others. Do not discuss defects. 49 Speak directly on pleasing topics with a gentle and friendly expression. Don't think about anything than concerns others. Do not ponder the faults of anyone or anything pertaining to him, not of any senrient being in general, but particularly not of anyone who has entered the way of Dharma.

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